All current box updates (delays/changes) you need to know will be found here.

- May Box Shipping Delay 09/05/2021 -

We finally received news on the where-abouts of the May featured books. Unfortunately due to UK ports having no capacity, the ship carrying the books bypassed the UK and sailed to Antwerp. There it will unload onto a smaller ship and return to the UK. The estimated arrival at the warehouse is now May 17th. 

We are to be prioritised by the warehouse and sent the books on arrival. We now estimate May boxes to ship on May 24th, assuming the given dates are accurate. 

We can only apologise for the delay and hope to be shipping your box asap. If anything changes an update will be posted here and over on our Instagram.

- Brexit/EU Shipping Update 31/01/2021 -

As of January 1st, the UK is no longer part of the EU’s single market and customs union and new rules apply when shipping packages. We are now required to attach a customs declaration form to every box being sent outside of the UK.

The box recipient may then have to pay customs or VAT charges and a handling fee in the receiving country before they can claim the package. These charges will depend on the country we are sending to, the value of the item and whether it is a gift or commercial goods (we fall into the latter).

The levels and thresholds of these charges vary from country to country. Royal Mail cannot advise on what these may be and therefore neither can we. You may be charged or you may not, we cannot give you a concrete answer as we do not know and there is no other guidance from the EU or Royal Mail.

We understand the difficulty and unsurity Brexit has caused and can only apologise for the limited information provided. 

Book Hooked Box appreciates every single customer who chooses to receive a box and we hope to be sending you many more in the future, but we see the serverity of these potential charges and understand if you choose not to. We thank you for the support of our little box and can only hope that relations between the UK and EU will improve in time.

- UK Shipping & Pricing Structure Changes 31/01/2021 -

As of January 1st, the cost of shipping within the UK has increased slightly. Royal Mail now charge £4 to send a box via Second Class Signed For.

We have decided to separate the cost of the box and the cost of shipping to make it easier for customers to understand what they're paying. We usually include the UK shipping within the price of the box, but with shipping prices constantly changing we feel this is no longer viable and will only lead to confusion. 

The new pricing is as follows:

Box Price: £22.50 

UK Shipping: £4

The new price will also cover our transaction fee's, website fee's etc.

This new system will be rolled out on February 1st in line with our March box going on sale. If you are a current subscriber, the price will change for you on February 15th when your subscription renews.